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Supernova Hangover

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Two girls meet on a train with a shared mission to have it all... Toots Silver, a young, local news reporter from the North West, lands in London with little more than her ambition. Against the odds, she talks her way into a dream job at a celebrity magazine, riding high on a new craving for showbiz gossip.

The shimmering nightlife of Cool Britannia lures her into an exhilarating, twilight world - and an explosive affair with an A-list interviewee. But the comedown forces her to confront the soulless desires of her generation. In New York, she's on the trail of the defining exclusive of her age.

But conflict erupts between personal integrity and journalistic ruthlessness - which might jeopardise the success that will secure her position in a looming post-millennial world. Can you live the high-life, without it getting you down?

Author: Jones, Emma, Binding: Paperback, Imprint: Unbound Digital, Series: N/A, Publisher: Unbound, Published: 28/06/2018, Pagination: 272 pages, Classification: Fiction & related items,