Warrior Monkeys and the Volcano Adventure-9780192771711

Warrior Monkeys and the Volcano Adventure

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Author: Stevens, MC, Brown, Steve, Binding: Paperback, Imprint: Oxford University Press, Series: N/A, Publisher: OXFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS , Published: 20/06/2019, Pagination: 192 pages, B/W, Classification: Children's, young adult & educational, Country of Publication:

17.8 cm H | 13.4 cm W | 1.4 cm T | 158 g Wt

Something weird is happening on the island of Senshi.

The Warrior Monkeys are worried that a dangerous enemy has come back to seek revenge.

Suki and Bekko are brave enough to find out why wild dogs are on the prowl, why Mount Niru is rumbling and stinky, and who has brainwashed an army of meerkats.

This is the first title in an exciting and dramatic new series, written by martial arts expert MC Stevens and illustrated throughout by Steve Brown.

Suki and Bekko are training to be Warrior Monkeys. They're a brave and resourceful duo and, with the help of their armoured bear, Kuma, are ready to face any of the harsh challenges and evil plots that threaten the safety of their island home.

Using all the skills they learn in the training hall, Suki and Bekko show the kind of determination,focus, bravery, and spirit that has put them on the path to become true Warrior Monkeys!