The Times Train Tracks Book 4 : 200 Challenging Visual Logic Puzzles-9780008470135

The Times Train Tracks Book 4 : 200 Challenging Visual Logic Puzzles

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Author: The Times Mind Games, Binding: Paperback, Imprint: Times Books, Series: The Times Puzzle Books, Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers, Published: 02/09/2021, Pagination: 272 pages, Classification: Lifestyle, sport & leisure, Country of Publication: United Kingdom

19.8 cm H | 12.9 cm W | 1.8 cm T | 172.4 g Wt

The ideal gift for puzzle book enthusiasts this Christmas. A challenging visual puzzle which will appeal to lovers of logic and deduction brain teasers.

Use your mental agility to complete the grids using the train tracks.

Puzzles included cover three levels of difficulty, 30 easy, 130 medium, 40 hard. How To Play: A map grid shows two towns, typically A and B.

The objective of the puzzle is to lay down tracks to connect the two towns.

Numbers around the outside of the grid tell you how many pieces of track are to be placed in each row and column.

You can only use straight (horizontal and vertical) and curved (right and left) rails and the track cannot cross over itself. There is something very satisfying in the laying down of tracks.

The puzzles are arranged in Easy, Medium and Hard, where difficulty is largely dependent on the size of the map grid (6x6, 8x8 and 10x10).