The Panda, the Cat and the Dreadful Teddy : A Parody-9780008491154

The Panda, the Cat and the Dreadful Teddy : A Parody

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Author: Magrs, Paul, Binding: Hardback, Imprint: HarperCollins Publishers Ltd, Series: N/A, Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers, Published: 30/09/2021, Pagination: 144 pages, Classification: The arts, Country of Publication: United Kingdom

18.1 cm H | 13.4 cm W | 0.9 cm T | 360 g Wt

The surely soon-to-be million-copy bestselling sort-of inspirational parody.. Enter the world of me, Panda, plus my sometime-friends Cat and Teddy.

You will find us living our best lives, trying (and occasionally succeeding) to be kind to each other.

The cat is quite nice but can be a little bit selfish.

Teddy can come across as very nice, with his squeaky voice and looking so tiny and helpless.

But I must warn you, Teddy can be a vicious little backstabber, actually. This is a book of nice illustrations and some words from which you will likely gain some sort of inspiration.

Like: 'Just because you're struggling, it doesn't mean you're failing...

But it might do.''Nothing beats kindness,' said the cat. 'Gin does', said Panda. 'If you don't stop saying inspirational things to me, I'm going to punch you up the hooter.''You OK, hun?' asked Panda, but he was just taking the piss. 'We're just so, so lucky to have each other as friends, and it's going to make a marvellous book.'