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Micro Life

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By: DK
Format: Hardback
Published By: Dorling Kindersley Ltd
Date of Publication: 28/10/2021
Pagination: 336 pages
ISBN13\EAN\SKU: 9780241412756
Readership: General (US: Trade)
Dimensions in mm: 307 x 255
Weight in grams:
Country of Publication: United Kingdom

30.6 cm H | 25.9 cm W | 2.7 cm T | 2 kg Wt

Explore the everyday miracle of the microscopic worldWith spectacular macro photography and microscope images, this book reveals a hidden, living world full of intricate structures beyond the naked eye.

Included are the tiniest insects and spiders, but looking deeper, you will discover truly microscopic creatures - even bacteria and viruses.

Earth is home to more microbes, and more different types of microbes, than any other living organism.

Bacteria on Earth outweigh humans by 1,100 to 1 and without them, all world ecosystems would collapse.

This book reveals this vital, unseen realm, but it includes large life-forms too, in extreme close-up, so that you can wonder at the beauty of a pollen grain, a butterfly egg, the spore of a fungus, and the nerve cell of a human.

The spectacular imagery in Micro Life exploits cutting-edge technology, such as focus-stacked macro photographs, as well as micrographs (microscope images) including scanning electron micrographs.

Illustrations nearby explain the science - from the workings of an insect's eye to how a plant "breathes" through its leaves.

The biology builds into a reference on how life works - and how all organisms, however small, solve the basic problems of movement, reproduction, energy, communication, and defence. Micro Life is a beautiful and surprising look at the natural world.