How Will It Be with Baby and Me? A new baby story for big brothers and sisters-9780702311925

How Will It Be with Baby and Me? A new baby story for big brothers and sisters

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Author: Friend, Anna, Biggin, Jake

For children c 0-2 years

Published on 7 July 2022 by Scholastic in the United Kingdom as part of 'the Big Little Hearts' series.

Paperback | 24 pages
239 x 249 x 9 | 152g

How Will It Be With Baby & Me?

is a moving yet reassuring journey through a child's feelings

of anxiety about a new arrival.

With his mum announcing that he will have a new baby brother

Jack is worried what will happen when he arrives...

Will Mummy take her love for Jack and give it away?

'My love for you will never change,

Its warmth and glory stay the same...'

With mindfulness activities for families to

do together to combat feelings of anxiety.

Beautifully illustrated and simply written, it allows the reader

to understand how a child might be feeling and

gives a voice to those thoughts that are pinging around a child's

head making them feel wobbly and upset.

Can be shared with younger children or read independently.

This book series is honest and uses simple language designed

to start conversations and provide comfort.

Part of the Big Little Hearts series written

to support families dealing with traumatic events

in life:

Already published: When Can I Go Back to School? and

Who Will Love Me When You're Gone? for families going through

big changes.