All New Minecraft Combat Handbook-9780755500420

All New Minecraft Combat Handbook

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Author: Mojang AB, Binding: Hardback, Imprint: Farshore, Series: N/A, Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers, Published: 02/09/2021, Pagination: 96 pages, Classification: Computing & information technology, Country of Publication: United Kingdom

21.6 cm H | 15.4 cm W | 1.5 cm T | 370 g Wt

Master the art of battling in Minecraft Don your armour, pick up your sword and charge headfirst into the Minecraft Combat Handbook - the only book you need to take your game to the next level. Read how to craft the deadliest weapons and enchant them with mystical powers, discover the vicious mobs that you'll go toe-to-toe with, and learn crafty strategies that will help you best your friends in PVP. With so much to explore, there's sure to be something for 'crafters of every level.