A Thing of Beauty : Travels in Mythical and Modern Greece-9780861540617

A Thing of Beauty : Travels in Mythical and Modern Greece

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Author: Fiennes, Peter, Binding: Hardback, Imprint: Oneworld Publications, Series: N/A, Publisher: Oneworld Publications, Published: 21/10/2021, Pagination: 304 pages, Classification: Greece, Country of Publication: United Kingdom

21.6 cm H | 13.5 cm W | 3.3 cm T | 419.6 g Wt

'Essential reading' Helen Morales'Fiennes is a brilliant and generous guide through Greece' ObserverWhat do the Greek myths mean to us today?It's now a golden age for these tales - they crop up in novels, films and popular culture.

But what's the modern relevance of Theseus, Hera and Pandora?

Were these stories ever meant for children? And what's to be seen now at the places where heroes fought and gods once quarrelled?Peter Fiennes travels to the sites of some of the most famous Greek myths, on the trail of hope, beauty and a new way of seeing what we have done to our world.

Fiennes walks through landscapes - stunning and spoiled - on the trail of dancing activists and Arcadian shepherds, finds the 'most beautiful beach in Greece', consults the Oracle, and loses himself in the cities, remote villages and ruins of this storied land.