Fighting Fantasy: Appointment With F.E.A.R.-9781407186177

Fighting Fantasy: Appointment With F.E.A.R.

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Author: Jackson, Steve, Binding: Paperback, Imprint: Scholastic, Series: Fighting Fantasy, Publisher: Scholastic, Published: 05/04/2018, Pagination: 232 pages, Classification: Children's, young adult & educational, Country of Publication: United Kingdom

19.7 cm H | 13.1 cm W | 1.8 cm T | 230 g Wt

PART STORY, PART GAME - PURE ADVENTURE! "A new way of telling stories and in many ways the birth of modern gaming, these books captured the imaginations of a generation of kids - it's great to think that a new generation are going to be similarly captivated" bestselling author Charlie Higson YOU, the hero, are the Silver Crusader, a superhero who protects Titan City.

You must battle criminals the Scarlet Prankster, Dr. Macabre, the Serpent and the Alchemists and infiltrate a meeting between leaders of evil organization F.E.A.R. to capture master villain the Titanium Cyborg. ABOUT THE SERIES The multi-million copy globally bestselling choose-your-own-adventure series is repackaged and reignited for a brand new generation of children. All you need is a dice and you can choose which way the story goes Be careful - the main character can die at any point! 20 million copies sold worldwide in 32 languages Perfect for kids who love gaming A great way to encourage children away from gaming on screens and get them back into reading books!