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Author: Duddle, Jonny, Binding: Board Book, Imprint: Templar Publishing, Series: Jonny Duddle, Publisher: TEMPLAR PUBLISHING , Published: 01/04/2015, Pagination: 30 pages, Yes, Classification: Children's, young adult & educational, Country of Publication:

19.8 cm H | 16.6 cm W | 2.2 cm T | 390 g Wt

All young dinosaurs are warned about the scary Gigantosaurus.

So Bonehead volunteers to be the dino-kids lookout whenever they go into the jungle to play.

Unfortunately, he is the original boy-dinosaur who cried wolf, or in this case, GIGANTOSAURUS! Finally, Bonehead's friends refuse to believe his warnings and the Gigantosaurus really turns up!

In a vertical gatefold surprise, it looks like Bonehead has got crunched - but in a hilarious reveal we discover this annoying little dinosaur is safe after all.