Jane Foster's Baby's First Stories: 6–9 months : Look and Listen with Baby-9781800785151

Jane Foster's Baby's First Stories: 6–9 months : Look and Listen with Baby

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Author: Foster, Jane, Murray, Lily

Baby books

Published on 4 January 2024 by TEMPLAR PUBLISHING in the United Kingdom as part of 'the Jane Foster's Baby's First Stories' series.

Board Book | 32 pages
207 x 208 x 20 | 502g

Baby's First Stories presents a unique blend of read-aloud stories and high-contrast visuals, featuring an adorable elephant, panda, whale and bunny. Each story has been created in consultation with Early Years Expert Lizzie Noble, to perfectly suit your baby's needs at every stage in their first year. 6-9 months focusses on daily routines, from getting dressed, through mealtime, bathtime and back to bed: perfect for little ones starting to join in with family mealtimes, and settle into more regular patterns. Jane Foster's black-and-white artwork features bold pops of blue and red - reflecting that, by 6 months, your baby can see most colours, and their vision is becoming less reliant on high-contrast. Neither too long, nor too short, each story will easily fit into baby's day, to make reading together a regular activity. When your little one is ready to move on, try Baby's First Stories - 9-12 months. Beautifully illustrated by award-winning textile designer Jane Foster, and written by picture book rising-star, Lily Murray.

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