The Icarus Show-9781910200919

The Icarus Show

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Author: Christie, Sally, Binding: Paperback, Imprint: David Fickling Books, Series: N/A, Publisher: David Fickling Books, Published: 05/01/2017, Pagination: 268 pages, Classification: Children's, young adult & educational, Country of Publication:

19.8 cm H | 12.8 cm W | 2.5 cm T | 256 g Wt

Alex has worked out a foolproof way to avoid being picked on.

Don't React. It's so simple, it's brilliant! David does react and becomes an outcast, nicknamed Bogsy.

He's branded a weirdo, and Alex is determined to avoid the same fate.

But one day, Alex gets a note in his bag that forces him out of his safe little world.

Who sent the note? And is it true - will a boy really fly? A powerful story about friendship, loneliness and a strange kind of genius.