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Why Animals Talk : The New Science of Animal Communication

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Author: Kershenbaum, Arik


Published on 25 January 2024 by Penguin Books Ltd (Viking) in the United Kingdom.

Hardback | 288 pages
241 x 161 x 27 | 486g

‘Wonderful . . . Endlessly interesting and beautifully written’ DAILY TELEGRAPH ‘Steady-headed and fun’ SUNDAY TIMES‘Read this book and, I promise, you’ll never listen to animals in the same way again’ JESSICA PIERCE, author of Who’s a Good Dog?Why Animals Talk is a scientific journey through the untamed world of animal communication. From the majestic howls of wolves and the enchanting chatter of parrots to the melodic clicks of dolphins and the spirited grunts of chimpanzees, these diverse and seemingly bizarre expressions are far from mere noise. In fact, they hold secrets that we are just beginning to decipher.

For example, wolves – just like humans – possess unique accents that distinguish their howls, and not only do dolphins give themselves names, but they also respond excitedly to recordings of the whistles of long-lost companions.

Chapter by chapter and animal by animal, Kershenbaum draws on his extensive research and observations of animals in the wild to explain the science behind why animals are communicating. Also revealing profound insights into our own language and why it is different, Why Animals Talks tells the comprehensive story of communication and how it works across the entire animal kingdom.

‘Quirky, insightful . . . based on a deep understanding of recent research’ TIM CLUTTON-BROCK, author of Meerkat Manor‘A new look at a fascinating subject’ DESMOND MORRIS, author of The Naked Ape