Have A Little Faith : Life Lessons on Love, Death and How Lasagne Always Helps-9780241605660

Have A Little Faith : Life Lessons on Love, Death and How Lasagne Always Helps

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Author: Bottley, The Reverend Kate

Autobiography: religious & spiritual

Published on 14 September 2023 by Penguin Books Ltd (Penguin Life) in the United Kingdom.

Hardback | 240 pages
223 x 140 x 23 | 340g

A joyous collection of life lessons from the UK's favourite vicar! The perfect gift for fans of Kate Bottley and her charm, wit and wisdom.

Hello there, come on in. I know what you’re thinking: ‘I’m not religious, so I’m not sure if this is for me’. But the truth is, this book is simply about being human. Believing in something, no matter what it is, gives us hope, and that’s what helps us get through this messy, joyful, unexpected ride we call life. Over the years I’ve sat on plenty of sofas, drunk plenty of (questionable) cups of tea and learned endless lessons from the wonderful people I’ve met. Above all, they have taught me that there is no right way to do things – and that’s OK. In these pages I have shared everything I have learned about how to deal with life’s biggies – like love and death, as well as confidence, conflict and loneliness – in the hope that I can make you feel less alone and arm you with the tools to face the tougher times. Hopefully this book will remind you to pause, appreciate how far you’ve come, savour the precious moments, and enjoy a giggle or two along the way.

Love, Kate x'A gorgeous read, it made me cry in a joyous way' Zoe Ball'You can always rely on Kate to bring humour, warmth and cracking anecdotes. This book, unsurprisingly, has shed loads' Steph McGovern