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Ancient Legends Retold : The Legend of Pryderi

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Author: Collins, Fiona, Binding: Paperback, Imprint: The History Press Ltd, Series: Ancient Legends Retold, Publisher: The History Press Ltd, Published: 26/03/2013, Pagination: 160 pages, 5 black & white illustrations, Classification: Humanities, Country of Publication:

17.4 cm H | 11.1 cm W

The Four Branches of the Mabinogion are a rich treasure trove of tales. These magical, quintessentially Welsh stories are confusing, but it would be hard to match their splendid strangeness.

The Four Branches tell of the kings and queens of Wales in the time of' 'Once upon a time'. Only one character appears in all Four Branches. He is Pryderi, and the story of his life journey is told in this book. Pryderi is brave and bold: sometimes foolhardy, always fiercely loyal. The stories of two beautiful, powerful women entwine with his: Rhiannon of the Birds, his mother, and Cigfa, his wife. Both accompany him on his life path. But, at the last, Pryderi must go on alone. Here, for the first time, his tale is told from beginning to end.