Terra Ultima : The discovery of a new continent-9781800786240

Terra Ultima : The discovery of a new continent

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Author: Uitgeverij Lannoo nv

Crime & mystery fiction (Children's/YA)

Published on 31 August 2023 by TEMPLAR PUBLISHING (Big Picture Press) in the United Kingdom.

Hardback | 80 pages
274 x 379 x 15 | 1050g

To most of us, the world in which we live seems well-traversed - explored in all directions and meticulously mapped. But something unbelievable has escaped us all... an entire continent named Terra Ultima. This extraordinary book documents this strange new world for the very first time.

A visual sensation over a decade in the making, Terra Ultima is the life work of explorer Raoul Deleo. With the help of fellow explorer and biologist Noah J. Stern, Deleo's findings were compiled into this very book - a collection of illustrations and notes so wonderful they seem unbelievable. All of them bear witness to the discovery of a continent so large, so rich and diverse in wildlife, that it remains a mystery as to why it has never been discovered before.

Deleo's findings have now been made public for the very first time, so you too, dear reader, can share in the discovery of this previously unknown part of the world. Welcome to Terra Ultima - the edge of the world.