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Rosie Raja: Churchill's Spy

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Author: Ahmed, Sufiya

Adventure stories (Children's/YA)

Published on 4 August 2022 by Bloomsbury Publishing PLC (Bloomsbury Education) in the United Kingdom as part of 'the Rosie Raja' series.

Paperback | 224 pages
129 x 197 x 20 | 180g

Book Band: Dark Red (ideal for ages 10+)A thrilling and empowering WWII adventure about the French resistance and their British allies, with a determined, Muslim heroine. Perfect for fans of Michael Morpurgo and Emma Carroll, and those looking for diverse historical fiction.

July, 1941. Rosina Raja is half-Indian and half-English. She has always lived in India, so when her mother passes away and she moves to England (where it rains all the time) she is miserable and doesn’t have any friends. Life changes dramatically for Rosie when she discovers that her army captain father is actually a spy for the British government. She can’t bear to be left behind so she stows away in his plane. Finding herself in occupied France, Rosie is soon drawn into the struggle against the Nazis. With new allies and new enemies at every turn, she must help her father complete his mission, and more importantly… make sure they both get home alive.