Sticker Dolly Stories: Creaky Castle: A Halloween Special-9781803709222

Sticker Dolly Stories: Creaky Castle: A Halloween Special

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Author: Davidson, Zanna, Wood, Katie

For National Curriculum Key Stage 1

Published on 14 September 2023 by Usborne Publishing Ltd in the United Kingdom as part of 'the Sticker Dolly Stories' series.

Paperback | 130 pages
197 x 130 x 10 | 220g

Join Zoe, Meera and Lily on Halloween as they set out to investigate the spooky mystery at Creaky Castle.

A fun, spooky title in the Sticker Dolly Story fiction series, inspired by the best-selling Sticker Dolly Dressing - with a page of stickers to dress the Dolls. Perfect for fans of Holly Webb.It's Halloween and there's trouble on the Midnight Isle... There are strange goings on at Creaky Castle, with bumps in the night, ghostly sightings and eerie moaning noises echoing down the castle corridors. Can the Halloween Dolls, Meera, Zoe and Lily, solve the spooky mystery?Collect all the books in the Sticker Dolly Stories series!1. Unicorn Rescue (A Magic Dolls Story)2. Fairy Picnic (A Magic Dolls Story)3. Mermaid in Trouble (A Magic Dolls Story)4. Baby Dragon (A Magic Dolls Story)5. Castle in the Clouds (A Princess Dolls Story)6. Ice Palace (A Princess Dolls Story)7. Woodland Princess (A Princess Dolls Story)8. Waterlily Ball (A Princess Dolls Story)9. Dream Pony (An Animal Rescue Dolls Story)10. Lucky Bunnies (An Animal Rescue Dolls Story)11. Little Lost Deer (An Animal Rescue Dolls Story)12. Snow Puppy (An Animal Rescue Dolls Story)And look out for the seasonal specials:Dolphin Magic (A Summer special)Christmas Mystery (A Christmas special)Creaky Castle (A Halloween special)